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Originally Posted by hedgehog View Post
Does this have a specific time frame as the Simple Euro System posted by Marc45? Or can you trade whenever you get a cross?
Yes, this OBOS Trade at m15 in GBP/USD ( im preferabel) although any Major can, but i more like in pairs with good volatility, but liquid.

Also Manus168, what are the recommended TP and SL for this?

The Author of this OBOS use a mental Stop & just Take Profit at the opposites crossing SMA.


I'm TOTALY very2 disaggree for a Mental Stop Loss, i better use 1:1 Risk Reward from my simple calculation like this :

Exampel we have gotted Short GBP/USD 1.4250;

I'll take 1.4250*100/2 = 71.25, so after we rounded we've gotted 72.
So the Stop Loss & Take Profit for thats Open Position is 72 pips !

You can free make your risk reward ratio from that running quote of your open position, you can make 1:1.5 or 1:2 or 1:3.

But i thing for those situation i use only 1:1 max. 1:1.5



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