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Default Re: InstaForex - Broker #1 in Asia

Lustrous Contests by InstaForex Company
Everybody knows that in spring we suffer a shortage of vitamins and deficiency of opportunities to let off steam with the rising sun rays. And, perhaps, there is no way better for real trader to use this energy for good, other than to take part in lustrous contests of InstaForex Company!

One Million Option
Want to direct your energy for opening new opportunities on Forex? Make haste to register for this fascinating weekly contest among demo accounts, its next step is to start on April 09, and earn up to 500 USD just like Sergey Komarov from Russia did. He became a winner of the last week contest!

FX-1 Rally
You have an extra chance to use your energy for victory in a devil race next Friday 13. If you are able to win obscuring the fame of the last week finalist whose name is Angga Kusuma Aji, be sure that the powers of darkness will be keeping away from you in fear and never entrench your financial soundness!

InstaForex Sniper
Accuracy, consistency and coolheaded approach - are these your professional qualities? So essay your powers as a Forex sniper taking part in a contest scheduled for April 9-14. Shoot down the past week contest table and replace the current winner whose name is Ilya Pastukhov (Russia)!

The Fast Ride from the Best Broker
Did you dream about flying on a rocket in childhood drawing it on paper? Being a customer of InstaForex Company you have a great opportunity to become a happy owner of pure British sport car Lotus Evora, putting your name down for drawing which ends on May 25, 2012! So catch hold of your dream and feel a breathtaking speed of rocket flight!

Focus your efforts on the right thing taking part in contests and campaigns together with the best broker in Asia - InstaForex!
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