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Default OBOS MA Cross

Originally Posted by jake View Post
i've always used the 5ema and 12ema.

but the 3 and 10 does show a slight difference on entry....i like it.

Great Combination ;)

However let you try

GBP/USD with Timeframe: m15,


Simple Moving Avarage (SMA) Periode 2 By Close & Simple Moving Avarage (SMA) Periode 19 By Closed

Filter :

MACD 5,8,1

Enter :

BUY : When SMA 2 Crossing Up (SMA 19 at bellow SMA 2),
& MACD (The histogram) above 0 level.

SELL: When SMA 2 Crossing Down (SMA 19 above SMA 2),
& MACD (The Histogram) bellow 0 level.

* If you want more clearer ranges for this day used Bollinger Bands Periode 96 Deviation 2

Happy trading

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