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Results of the Year; LiteForex is on the "100 World Finance 2011" List

LiteForex group of companies was reckoned among 100 top companies of the year 2011 according to the opinion of World Finance magazine. The annual final rankings «100 World Finance» bring together the representatives of the business elite whose remarkable achievements deserve a special attention and recognition.

The authoritative British magazine World Finance has been observing with great interest economic and financial achievements of the world’s biggest companies for the past year and providing its large audience with professional publications and thorough reviews of leaders’ activity. The selection of the aspirants to the place in the «100 World Finance 2011» representative list was made by the jury that consisted of the magazine leading experts in the financial market analysis.

One hundred best companies, that had launched the largest projects highly assessed by their clients, were selected at the end of the year 2011.

LiteForex’s honorable place in the «100 World Finance 2011» list has proven that the variety of unique bonus and affiliate programs, high service quality, innovative projects and focus on each client’s interests represent the best combination for our clients’ comfortable and successful work.

We’re proud of good results of our work, public recognition and repeated attention of the competent organizations. We always aspire to impressive achievements and offer the solutions that will be of interest to our clients and will provide them with comfortable conditions of work on world’s financial markets.

We’re congratulating the winners listed in «100 World Finance 2011» upon this substantial success, and we’re wishing all them further development and realization of all their projects.

We’re thanking the readers of World Finance magazine for their support and trust, and our partners and clients for the lasting cooperation and use of our services.

Best regards,
LiteForex group of companies
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