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Default Re: - ECN/STP, MT5, CQG, Multiterminal broker

MT-ECN account with NordFX

"MT-ECN" account is designed for wide range of experienced traders who like the opportunity to trade with minimum expenses. Quotes have 5th point precision (3th for the Yen pairs). "MT-ECN" accounts are served through MT4 platform, using the quotes flow from Currenex ECN without any modifications. We use our own bridge to transfer order flow to this ECN for excellent speed and quality. Commission (size depends on account turnover) is charged for each deal.

• $1000 minimum deposit;
• 27 currency pairs, gold, silver;
• Dynamic spread from 0 pips;
• Leverage 1:100;
• Minimal lot 0.1;
• Maximum lot 20 with step 0,1;
• Level of margin call /stop out 100%/50%*;
• 5th point precision;
• Without stop/limit and freeze levels;
• Commission (turnover less than 900 lots per month): $7/lot;
• Commission (turnover more than 900 lots per month): $5/lot;

Open account with NordFX here
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