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Default Re: InstaForex - Broker #1 in Asia

[COLOR=DarkRed] Adding Funds to your Account via InstaForex MasterCard[/COLOR]
The international broker [COLOR=#FF0000]Insta[/COLOR]Forex gladly informs all of its Customers, that now it is possible to deposit trading accounts via InstaForex MasterCard card. Now every holder of InstaForex MasterCard debit card can add money to a trading account instantly at web-page Deposit via InstaForex MasterCard on the official website of [COLOR=#FF0000]Insta[/COLOR]Forex Company. The procedure of depositing funds via your InstaForex MasterCard card is utmost simple and convenient and will take the least of your time.

Moreover, [COLOR=#FF0000]Insta[/COLOR]Forex cancels all the commissions for deposits via InstaForex MasterCard. Now using InstaForex MasterCard to fund your trading account, you receive the full amount of deposit.

We would like to remind you, that InstaForex MasterCard debit card is a universal instrument of a modern trader, with the help of which you will have a direct connection between your [COLOR=#FF0000]Insta[/COLOR]Forex trading account and cash (add or withdraw funds from your trading account directly), as well as you will be able to make purchases, pay for services or keep the money on the card.

Forex accounts have never been so simple in use like they have become now - thanks to InstaForex MasterCard debit cards.

If you do not have an InstaForex MasterCard debit card, you can apply for receiving it right now!
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