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Default PipsTiger fx 2.0

Hi everybody, I open this discussion to talk about this robot I found on the web some time ago .... I tried the demo version, but I was dissatisfied with it so I set aside.
I'm back now on the official website, and I saw that version 2.0 came out, and looking at the statement of myfxbook, from August to now, seems to have gone fine.
I gave an eye also to the history, and especially on EURUSD and USDCAD has operate a lot and well.
the only problem is that unlike the old version, the 2.0 is not the demo .... I wrote to their support and they told me that the BT function only after activation.
If someone has to live results, and has a version that has run the bt, please can post it?
I would appreciate seeing that I'm interested in this version, but before I make a purchase I'd like to test it.
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