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Default The Right Broker for you?

This is specially for all the beginners, who are often confused while choosing the right kind of broker to start their trading with. Often the association with the right kind of broker is a secret for successful trading.

Listing down few points on how to choose the right kind of broker:
1. Regulations- whether the money u r going to invest is safe or no? is the broker genuine or fake
2. Customer Support: Very Imp. Check for online chat / their assistance over the phone by calling up from a pseudo phone.
3. Withdrawals- See how much time it takes to withdraw your money. For a spot transaction it is T+2 (Transaction time + 2 Days). Make sure it takes 2 or max 3 days.
4. The Trading Platforms- utmost important because that is gonna be your window to the market place. Check out how advanced it is , & how much comfortable you are with its usage.

These were the main pointers I think are the most essential. If you think there are other imp ones pls feel free to add & help the new traders!!
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