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Default Only regulated brokers. Globe Gain Forex Rebates discussion.

My warmest greetings to everyone!

My name is Troy Bening and I represent Globe Gain Ė Forex Rebate Service.
Globe Gain is an official representative of several prominent brokers around the world. Our distinguishing feature is that we deal only with regulated and licensed brokers.
If you register with a broker via our service we will pay a part of the spreads and commissions charged by this broker for effected transactions back to you on a monthly basis. Thus you will reduce your losses and increase the profitability of your trade on average by 20%. And all that is absolutely free!
Our consultants will readily assist you in the choice of a suitable broker, so you will trade comfortably with a reliable partner and regularly get Globe Gain generous rebates.
If you have any questions donít hesitate to ask me and I will be pleased to answer them.

Kind regards,
Troy Bening
Globe Gain - Forex Rebate Service
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