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[COLOR=darkred]Super-Fresh Campaign "Best Trading, Luxury Driving" by InstaForex![/COLOR]
The international broker [COLOR=#ff0000]Insta[/COLOR]Forex is happy to announce launching of a new super campaign "Best Trading, Luxury Driving" with the grand prize - an auto of premium class - Porsche Cayenne.

As usual, [COLOR=#ff0000]Insta[/COLOR]Forex Company is developing the line of contests and campaigns targeted to establish the model of certain co-operation between a broker and a trader where trading with [COLOR=#ff0000]Insta[/COLOR]Forex is not only an effective working, but also an entertaining test of your luck involving no risks. After two seasons of [COLOR=#ff0000]Insta[/COLOR]Forex autos raffling, two clients of the company have already become the owners of an offroadster Hummer H3 and of a sport car Lotus Elise. Lotus Evora and Porsche Cayenne are waiting for you! Do not miss the chance!

"Best Trading, Luxury Driving" campaign will last since 8 September, 2011 until May 31, 2013. Thus, in less than two years, one of [COLOR=#ff0000]Insta[/COLOR]Forex clients will obtain the keys to a brand-new Porsche Cayenne. Traditionally, the winner of Porsche Cayenne will be chosen at random via a transparent mechanism of the prize-taker determination using the "Porsche Number".

To get enrolled in the raffling of Porsche Cayenne you need to fulfill the only condition of the campaign - upload your [COLOR=#ff0000]Insta[/COLOR]Forex trading account with the amount of above 1,500 U.S. dollars (for InstaForex Club Card holders - 1,000 U.S. dollars) and register at page of the campaign. We would like to remind you that the quantity of accounts is not restricted, open as many accounts with the initial deposit of 1,500 USD as you wish, thus increasing the opportunity to win Porsche by two, five, ten etc. times!

Then you just need to conduct your usual trading on forex market with the best trading conditions provided by [COLOR=#ff0000]Insta[/COLOR]Forex Company, receive your profit and wait for the moment when the "Porsche Number" will match your trading account.

Find out the details of the campaign terms and conditions at the official page of "Best Trading, Luxury Driving". Moreover, right away you can estimate your chance for success in the campaign "Best Trading, Luxury Driving" following the link to "Calculate your chances of winning Porsche Cayenne".

[COLOR=#ff0000]Your Trading Powered by InstaForex, Your Driving Powered by Porsche![/COLOR]
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